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Whether you’re planning for a family event or a large-scale event for two or two hundred people, rely on the Aken Columbus Club. With our staff and facilities, we are able to host events from 20 people to 250 people. We have what you’re looking for.

Wedding Receptions – Whether you’re celebrating with just family, the entire neighborhood or a large group up to 250 people we can find a place for you. 

Corporate Events – Bring in the heavy hitters for your next company meeting.  We can provide buffet-style meals, box lunches or plated dinners for your board meeting, annual company picnic, shareholder events or conventions. 

Happier Holidays – Enjoy the festive holiday season instead of running yourself ragged in the kitchen. Spend time with your guests and enlist our help for your next family holiday. I’m sure we can find the meal plan and space for you. 

Funeral Services and Catering for Sensitive Occasions – Columbus Club’s crew can help you in this time. We can help you host a memorial service, military event, charity function or fund raiser and we will work together with you to not only understand the meaning and impact of the event, but also to provide a meal that will pay homage to it. 

Special Needs – Whether you prefer gluten-free meals or vegetarian, confer with our event planner or General Manager and rest easy. Our team will work hard to ensure you can eat with ease. We’ll suggest ways to come up with a menu that fits everyone’s needs.

 What We Do

Contact us to discuss your needs. 

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