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Council Meetings

Council meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in the Council Home. Start time is 7:30 p.m. Check for exceptions posted on this website or in your Church Bulletin which sometimes occur. Exceptions would almost always be a cancellation, due to concurrence with holidays. In addition to regular meetings, the Council periodically conducts on-line meetings via Zoom. Prior registration is encouraged to attend on-line meetings. 
Meetings are open to all Knights in good standing who can present their current membership card.
A typical Council meeting lasts approximately 60 minutes but may vary depending upon the time of year and amount of business to be conducted. For more information about the contents of a regular meeting, please refer to the outline of a meeting as established by Article IV of our by-laws. 

While council meeting attendance is voluntary, the active attendance of our membership is a vital component to the continuation of our Council. By simply attending you will learn what's happening, come to understand "how things work", meet new people, and find a way -- large or small -- that you can assist your Council. The Council Officers volunteer a tremendous amount of their time and energy. Meeting
attendance is the best way you can show your appreciation for their efforts.

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