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Council Activity Form - 2023

To make submission easier, this new form eliminates a few fields and adds one.   

  Total the hours for the same activity: 


For example, if you volunteered at St. Vincent DePaul on two different days, instead of entering it twice, add up the hours for both and enter it once. 

If you were an usher for all four weeks, instead of entering it four times, total the hours for all four and enter it once. 

By doing it this way, you only need to enter your time once a month, preferably in the last week of the month. 

Any questions, contact the Web Master (

Council Activity Form 

2023 Annual Survey of Fraternal Activities

Individual Membership Worksheet

Enter the numbers requested below, or complete the Monthly Details

Worksheet (monthly totals will be added and automatically entered on this page.

Note: The Monthly Details worksheet can be seen on the bottom of this document in a tab next to the Individual Membership Worksheet tab.

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